Compassionate, Seasoned Connecticut Attorneys
Established in 1971, the firm of  Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. serves clients’ needs throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties, from Greenwich and Stamford, all the way to New Haven.  We know the ins and outs of the local courts, know and work with fellow lawyers, and are familiar with our courts and judges.  We are involved in workers compensation on a daily basis, both in hearings before commissioners, and in companion litigation when necessary.  We work with a variety of banks and lenders, real estate brokers, and special programs to assist homebuyers.  We assist new buyers in homebuyer education, and seasoned investors in closing transactions.

A deeper understanding
Our experience lends itself to a more practical approach to the law, which gives us an understanding of not only the law, but the best way to achieve results for our clients.  We appear regularly in bankruptcy courts and know what, and when, and how to approach debtor and creditor issues.  Working with Workers Compensation Commissioners and defense firms allows us to reach successful remedies for injured workers.  Understanding that closings require attention to detail, yet cooperation on all fronts–lenders, sellers, buyers–allows closings to be done smoothly and protects the client.

Simplifying the process
We understand that when dealing with the complexities of Connecticut’s court system, and our Workers Compensation system, or the realities of banking and home buying in this economy–you may find yourself feeling intimidated or confused. We are here to put your mind at ease. Our experience will guide you through the process. We will explain your options and the ways we can help, as well as all possible outcomes. We will help you feel confident in making well-informed decisions.

Highly rated
The attorneys at Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. are all highly rated by the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review process for their professionalism and ethics.   Howard Ignal is well known for his extensive practice in workers compensation, and other areas.  Roberta Napolitano is listed as a “Super Lawyer” who appears regularly in our bankruptcy courts.  Richard J. Shapiro works with buyers, sellers and lenders to make closings happen successfully, and teaches classes for first time home buyers, and classes required by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority for buyers getting CHFA loans.  All work in numerous areas, in addition to specific areas of expertise.

Areas of Practice
Our attorneys have a wide breadth of legal experience and are ready to help you in a wide range of cases.  Click below for more information about specific areas:

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Get in touch with us via phone at 203-333-1177 or online. Take the first step in your legal journey by scheduling a free consultation. You will meet with an attorney who will listen to what you have to say. From there, we can offer our preliminary opinions, and you can decide how you would like to proceed. You deserve the very best shot at a positive outcome, and Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. is the firm that can help. Contact us today.