Commercial and Residential Real Estate

A full-service Connecticut real estate firm for your business
The attorneys at Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. handle all aspects of real estate transactions.  We handle closings from Greenwich to New Haven.  Local customs can vary from Stamford, to Westport, to Bridgeport and New Haven.  Knowing the ins and outs of real estate transactions will help buyer or seller comfortably to navigate what can be a trying adventure.  The goal is to close, protecting your interests, and providing the advice needed to get the job done.

Buying or selling your home
If you are buying, selling or building a home in Connecticut, you need an attorney that you can talk to, ask questions of, and rely upon.  Here, you will find the personal contact with your lawyer, and not be shuffled off to talk to a paralegal or secretary, as so often can happen with real estate.  Communication is essential so that the client knows what is happening, and feels comfortable asking questions of any kind.

Richard J. Shapiro represents clients in purchases and sales, and brings 35 years of experience in real estate to aid you in understanding the process, and completing your transaction as smoothly as possible.  Banking and lending has become more complex over the last few years, and years of experience and relationships with many banks, lenders, and realtors will guide you through the process.

Today’s market brings both buyers and sellers situations where a property may be under water.  Negotiation and patience is necessary to reach agreements with lenders, and allow a transaction to proceed.  We will help you with that process, with emphasis in being sure that you understand the process, and always feel free to seek the answers to the questions you may have.

Connecticut offers buyers numerous special programs to assist buyers, with loans, grants and education.  Richard J. Shapiro has taught classes for first time homebuyers for many years, working with local and state agencies to help buyers understand the entire process, from hiring a real estate agent, finding a lender, being qualified for a loan, executing contracts, and understanding the closing process.  Working with such agencies as the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust (BNT) and lenders, he has helped buyers knowledgeably enter the housing market.  In addition, he has lectured to local realtors and real estate professionals about legal issues that they face in representing their buyers and sellers.  That experience is brought to all our closings.

Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. will stand behind you, whether in selling your property, negotiating with your lender, and getting through the purchase process.  Be it purchase or sale, the goal is not conflict, it is a successful sale, or quite simply, getting you successfully closed, and into your home.  With knowledge and professionalism, without pressure, we will help you through the closing process.

Richard J. Shapiro, in a closing, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, explaining the escrow account:

Commercial real estate mediation and negotiation
Commercial real estate contracts often include a clause requiring that disputes enter arbitration. Absent an arbitration clause, mediation can be used effectively to preserve business relationships. When mediation is required by contract or otherwise advantageous to your business, our skilled mediators at Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. guide negotiations toward equitable solutions that serve your needs.

A full-service Connecticut real estate firm for your home
The attorneys at Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. handle all aspects of residential real estate.

Our skilled transactional and litigation attorneys can help you with:

  • Closings
  • Condominium law
  • Easements and restrictions
  • Eminent domain
  • Evictions
  • Financing and mortgages
  • Foreclosures
  • Home construction
  • Homeowners association disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Permitting and zoning
  • Sales contracts
  • Title liens


  • Drafting or reviewing your sales contract
  • Reviewing your lending documents
  • Researching and clearing title
  • Addressing easement questions and other restrictions
  • Obtaining proper permits and zoning
  • Conducting your real estate closing


  • Commercial real estate closings
  • Construction and build-outs
  • Easements and restrictions
  • Financing and mortgages

Real estate disputes
When real estate disputes arise,Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. can successfully protect your rights through negotiations and litigation. Our attorneys combine extensive knowledge about real estate law with assertiveness and imposing courtroom demeanor to defend your home from foreclosure, eminent domain or an unjust homeowner’s association decision. We apply our experience with Connecticut housing laws to successfully handle evictions and landlord-tenant disputes.

Real estate negotiators
Not all disputes belong in the courtroom. At Ignal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. our attorneys successfully mediate disputes that arise between neighbors, homeowners and lending institutions, buyers and sellers, and landlords and tenants. We guide the negotiations toward effective resolutions that support our clients’ best interests.

To schedule an appointment with a commercial real estate lawyer, callIgnal, Napolitano & Shapiro, P.C. at 203-333-1177, or contact us online.